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"Experience is the adult learner's living text-book"

- Merriam & Bierema, 2014, p.12 -

Journal Publications

Hansberry, P. and Gerhardt, T. (2023) A Tripartite Understanding of Experiences of Apprentices: A Case Study of the Hounslow Borough, UK, International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning

Gerhardt, T. and Annon, P. (2023) Work Integrated Learning Inhabiting Academic Disciplinary Liminality, International Journal of Work Integrated Learning


Gerhardt, T. and Karson, S. (2022) Talent management in private universities: the case of a private university in the United Kingdom, International Journal of Educational Management

Gerhardt, T. (2021) An exploratory study of a work-based learning reflection module and the potential links between student attendance and engagement and student success as an indication of the mastery of reflection, Reflective Practice


Gerhardt, T. and Annon, P. (eds) (2021) Applications of Work Integrated Learning Among Gen Z and Y Students, Hershey, iGi Global incl. Gerhardt, T., Wallis, A. and Crouch, F. ‘A Critical Analysis of Multi-logical Synergies’ (Ch 7)


Gerhardt, T. (2019) An analysis of the implementation and continuity of WBL delivery evident in Capstone Projects in a private business college in the UK, Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning

Gerhardt, T. (2018) An analysis of the impact of a leadership intervention on an undergraduate work-based learning project for human resource management students, Journal of Work-Applied Management

Gerhardt, T and Mackenzie, L., (2018) The Challenges and Opportunities of ICT in WIL: A case study among priests exploring the correlation and trajectory between effective WIL and ICT Pervasiveness, Journal of Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning 

Gerhardt, T., (2018) Evangelical Hegemony and Marginality: Discovering Liberalism for a Churchless Faith, Journal of Modern Believing 

Gerhardt, T., (2015) In What Ways does Theological Knowledge Contribute to Thinking about Theological Education? Journal of Adult Theological Education 

Gerhardt. T., (2013) The Use, Effect and Further Development of the Tool of Reflection in Adult Theological Education in Relation to the Formation of Anglican Curates, Journal of Adult Theological Education

Other Publications 

Konstantinou, I., Gerhardt, T., and Miller, E. (2023) Supporting the wellbeing of students: a framework for Work- Integrated Learning programmes In: Work Integrated Learning Handbook, Routledge/ACEN

Gerhardt, T., Laitakari, A., Rice, M., and Bhasham, C. (2022) Digital Trends in Education: Marketing of the Online Teaching in Integrated Business Models in the Digital Age, Palgrave

Weston, M. and Gerhardt, T. (2022) 'A critical understanding about the motivation of Gen-Z in Higher Education and the impact upon Transformative Learning'.In: International Transformative Learning Conference, USA

Weston, M. and Gerhardt, T. (2021) An ongoing critical understanding about the motivation of Degree Apprentices in Higher Education to aid student engagement in, ASET Annual Conference, UK 

Gerhardt, T., 'Digital trends in education operations and marketing'. In: Sumesh S.D. (eds.) (2019) Handbook of Research on Innovations in Technology and Marketing for the Connected Consumer. Ch17.

Gerhardt, T., ‘The academic tail wagging the curacy dog: a theology of learning and formation’. In: Hazel, B. and Worsley, H., eds.(2015) Being Christian in Education. Norwich: Canterbury Press. Ch. 9.

Gerhardt, T., (2015) “A Quilt of Meaning: The Changing Complexity of the Vocational Training of Church of England Clergy” in International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Seville, Spain (Conference Proceedings).

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