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September 2018

As the WIL Project Lead at GSM London, I am responsible for securing new industry projects for our students and facilitating the project as part of the level 5 PPDI module. An exciting new collaborative project for Travel and Tourism students has just been confirmed working with an eco-tourism based company called Connect Ocean.( ConnectOcean is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) management consulting firm founded on Social - and Environmental Entrepreneurship and based in Costa Rica. The aim of the project was to produce a digital flyer ConnectOcean could use to target London based industries for corporate team building events.

March 2019

I am very excited and looking forward to a trip to Canada in May and June with my family. Besides being a tourist, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) academics from Canadian universities have agreed to meet and discuss WIL work they are doing in their institutions. Watch this space for news in July about the visit and research I have completed about WIL within private universities.

June 2019

The trip to Canada in May was phenomenal. Seven universities and three cities. I discovered some interesting practices in the way WIL is understood in Canada. WIL in some universities are seen as a faculty and a pedagogical practice in its own right. In other universities WIL is a careers department strategy and tensions exist between professional and academic staff. This has implications on how much integration and reflection actually takes place. In some places there is collaboration between WIL and Learning and Teaching. The visit has sparked an interest to understand WIL internationally so watch this space.

April 2020


2020 is turning out to be quite the year. I am now a network convener for the ESREA Working Life and Learning Network. Read more about the network here:

We also have a group page on LinkedIn:

We plan to run a series of conferences/workshops in 2021 and I plan to host one around the launch of the new WIL publication by IGI Global which have chapters in it from our network. 

May 2020


I am very excited and looking forward to the publication "Applications of Work Integrated Learning Among Gen Z and Y Students" edited by myself and Paulette Anon due to be published in March 2021. It will contain WIL case studies from around the world with a specific focus on Gen Y and Z. I have a chapter in the book which I produced with two students whom I supervised. Details can be seen here:

June 2020


With the arrival of Covid19 in 2020, lockdowns and the time spent at home, I am excited to announce I have started to create courses on Udemy. 
Are you a student considering Work Integrated Learning (WIL) courses? Are you an employer wanting to partner with a university on WIL? Are you a university looking to design your own WIL course(s)?

Here is a course: 

March 2021

The book is now complete and a global conference has been created to launch the book. The book is edited by myself and Paulette Annon and I have co-authored a chapter with two graduate students as well. 

The book contains case studies from Work Integrated Learning practitioners from around the world. Each chapter is unique in terms of disciplines and contexts. 

The link to the book is here:

January 2022

It has taken me awhile, but I have now completed the recording of a second course that I will place on Udemy. This new course is all about increasing your employment success by discussing key employability skills valued by the employment market. The previous course on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) links to it as WIL helps gain experience related to certain skills and this new course helps quantify the skills WIL tries to develop through experience. 

The WIL course also has new free accessed workshop added. Watch this space as these course continue to develop.  

May 2022

It is so exciting to be chairing a program committee planning a unique and innovative global work integrated learning unconference which will start/launch on the 1st of July 2022 (with a talk about Nick Shackleton-Jones), develop towards a day event on on the 27th of July (with a talk by Prof Tony Wall and a panel by Gen Z Talks) and then continue in project partnerships until July 2023. One such partnership is two special journal editions from the unconference with Emerald Insight. I am chair of the guest editorial team. 

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